viernes, 2 de junio de 2017

Jane's: La Armada de Chile Selecciona el Misil CAMM-M para Sus Fragatas Type 23

Lockheed Martin Canada’s most recent success for CMS 330 is in South America, with the company brought under contract in February this year as CSI for the upgrade of Chile’s three ex-UK Royal Navy (RN) Type 23 frigates Almirante Cochrane (ex-HMS Norfolk), Almirante Condell (ex-HMS Marlborough) and Almirante Lynch (ex-HMS Graffon). e Armada de Chile selection now places Lockheed Martin Canada’s CMS 330 on four classes of ships across three different navies.
Alongside CMS 330, Lockheed Martin Canada has selected the Hensoldt TRS-4D G-band multifunction surveillance and target acquisition radar (rotating variant) and the MBDA Sea Ceptor anti-air missile system for the Chilean Type 23 upgrade programme. e company is currently working with the Chilean Navy to finalise the programme schedule: the upgrade embodiments will be undertaken in conjunction with Chilean shipyard ASMAR.