martes, 19 de agosto de 2014

Navegación Conjunta en POA 2014

The Chilean ships Rancagua (LST-92), Almirante Riveros and Sargento Aldea (LSDH-91) sail alongside the Mexican ship ARM Usumacinta during Partnership of the Americas (POA) 2014. The ships are accompanied by two U.S. Marine CH-46E Sea Knights from HMM-364, a Chilean Navy Super Puma and a Mexican MI-17 Hind. 

Chilean navy crew members aboard the frigate Almirante Riveros finish refueling an AS365 Dauphin (HH65) helicopter. The ship and its crew are participating in Partnership of the Americas (POA) 2014.
A Chilean Helicopter flight deck crewman awaits the next group to board a CH-46E Sea Knight during a training evolution as part of Partnership of the Americas 2014.

Fuente: DVIDS.